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Well, 1st post… landed here after drifting and landing on different places… I’m the originator of the soon defunct Computer History Community in G+, and I’m still pondering where to go? what to do? how? when? why? … and more questions spinning around in my brain. Yes, I made all kind of possible backups of the community content, but, what I can do with them now?
However, will be light at the end of the tunnel, is just a matter of persevere and continue going forward … and be patient.
Wonder if here, besides Eds, is already someone that participated on both the Retrocomputing and Computer History communities.


I wasn’t a member because I didn’t know, but I certainly could have been! Looks like it had a lot of content I would have enjoyed.


Computer history is a hobby of mine since I have lived a significant slice of it. I would be glad to see it take up residence here and participate.


The Computer History community was a good place. I’m thinking we could try a category “Stories” which would cover both personal stories and histories. (See nearby thread about categories: I want to minimise the number, and expect to make changes until we converge on something which is working well. Please comment over there about categories, not here.)

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I decided to make a category ‘Histories’ with this short description:

Post here with histories: your own story, your anecdotes, biographies of others, museums, pointers to written histories, historical documents, documentaries, and so on. Anything with a narrative or a historical view.

Hopefully this category will serve as a good place for the kinds of posts made in the Computer History community over on G+, as well as some other kinds of posts.


It’s perfect, generic but representative enough

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