Computer History Wiki

Via Hacker News, a Wiki as a common knowledge base for all computer history related things:

This wiki is an experiment to create a means for knowledgeable people to enter their information into some kind of a knowledge base. This is however, not the relatively formalized tone and style imposed by Wikipedia. Sentences starting with “I seem to recall” are perfectly welcome here - and articles do not have to be in the descriptive, encyclopedic style Wikipedia enforces. On the contrary, it is preferred that many of the articles be references, guides, helpful hints, suggestions, tutorials and so on.
If you have any information you want to contribute to this wiki, please, contribute it. We’d much rather remove or modify a dozen potentially unsuited submissions than miss out on a single good one. We hope this wiki grows into a useful resource for everyone interested in classic computing, no matter what their level of knowledge may be; it is meant to be all-encompassing

Those who are eager to contribute, have a look at the “Wanted Pages”:

HN discussion:


I see it offers a Random Page feature. Must be worth a few clicks!

There’s a lot of good stuff on the gunkies wiki. I’ve found a fair amount of useful information and links for my work with vintage DEC stuff.