Computer History Museum 2019

About 56 years ago (that’s what it feels like, anyway… it was really only 2019) I was in Mountain Valley and went by the Computer History Museum and took some photos. Caveats:
(1) I am a horrible photojournalist
(2) I kept hitting “take video” so some photos are videos
(3) The Museum is very photo-unfriendly with all the shiny plexiglass.

But there is something for everyone: starting from Jacquard Loom and the Hollerith Tabulating Machine, through mainframes and miniframes, to micros and workstations. (Though I would have expected more workstations, but that is my personal tick, and maybe they just don’t have room.)

At first I thought of uploading the photos here but ugh too many, too big, hoping sharing the Google photos gallery is acceptable.



Nice album - thanks for sharing! Good mix of micros, minis, historical, and workstations.

Great photos, thanks for that.

I feel fortunate to have been there near the beginning of the micro era and able to ride this wave all the way to today.

Most everything in those photos is familiar to me.

Can we get a discription for each photo or at least a year?

I added very short descriptions (labels, really) to each (look to the lower left in Google Photos), but mostly your eyeballing of the signs (whenever I remembered to include them in the photo…) or logos is as good as mine. Yes, it sucks. But neither this forum software nor Google photos is well-suited for informative photo galleries. [I will edit the descriptions to include years.] [Edited now to add years, fixed some labels while at it.]