Commodore Pet Mini - Not the new Tynemouth, the tiny cased Pi one

For anybody that’s seen the rather cute Commodore Pet mini and thought that’d be even better if it had a working keyboard, well I thought I’d give that a fair go and see what could be done to make it better than that C64 mini from a few years ago.

PET / Educator 64 Mini


Very nice! Welcome to the forum!

Thanks and thanks :slight_smile:

Very nice project!
Are you going to remap the colors as well? (Meaning, shades of green only.)

Good idea, so I took a quick look into it, found some hacks for X11 but not for the console. I imagine there must be able to something with the LINUX framebuffer.

After a bit of digging, it turns out you can modify the VICE Palette files for a convincing green screen. I’m quite new to using Vice in any meaningful way so had idea.


After I got a suitable Green palette running in Vice, and made up the last of the decals for the bodywork, you could almost think it’s the real deal now.