Commodore BASIC-URLs for a virtual PET 2001

Ever wanted to share a small program or execute a code snippet with style on the fly? Now you can! Just add your code in a URL-parameter. More about this here:


Here’s mine.


Overflow! I always thought, BASIC is perfect, isn’t it? :wink:

and, er, got more creative with this



That was really cool! But I’m sure I will die of old age before it finishes.

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There’s now a tiny console for generating BASIC-links in the blog post (you may have to reload):

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This is really fun – you click a link and see some output, and then you list the program to see what the poster was doing…

Hint: If a program is slow or running infinitely, the ESC key is mapped to ‘STOP’.

Always fun: an a-mazing oneliner.

The same without a “goto”: no-go maze snippet.

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