Coding practices in 1991

Mick West found a document from back in the day
An explanation of my 68000 development system
(It looks like he’s targeting Amiga and ST, writing in assembly on a PC, using SNASM)

The purpose of this document is twofold:

1 - To make the meaning of my code a touch more accesible to those that may come after me.
2 - To remind me of the meaning of my code.


Mick’s Maxims (not in order!!) (!)
1 - Use Meaningful Labels!
2 - Use Local Labels!
3 - Save Registers!
4 - Don’t repeat code, put it in a routine or a macro!
5 - Don’t use numbers, use equates!
6 - Use lower case!
7 - Use data structures!
8 - Use consistent program structures!
9 - Use Comments!
10- Make Backups!


(3) isn’t directly applicable to the 6502, though. :wink:

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Ha ha - but you could be careful of your zero page use!

(BTW, this is via Paolo Amaroso)

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That all could be said in 1981 when computer equipment became affordable.

Most coding was sloppy for three reasons. Lack of memory ram, lack of memory external media, lack of real I/O. A PDP 8 had TTY and 4 K RAM and paper tape in 1975 and only rule #10 can apply.
One other reason is throw away coding, for protyping or debuging.

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