Cloudpilot: A PalmOS emulator for the web

I suppose retroPDA postings are okay? :slight_smile: You need a ROM image to run the emulator (link provided in the post). From Hacker News [ Cloudpilot, a PalmOS Emulator for the Web | Hacker News ]

Cloudpilot can be run as a web page or as a mobile app on phones and tables. The list of features includes

  • Realistic emulation of timers and device speed
  • Continuous state saves — emulation resumes if the page or app is reloaded
  • Direct installation and export of .prc and .pdb files
  • Export and import snapshot files
  • Switching between multiple emulation sessions
  • Audio emulation
  • Keyboard input
  • Clipboard integration
  • Network support (including network hotsync) using a websocket proxy (documentation)

You can download supported ROMs on PalmDB.