Chunky 68000 package!


I’ve always liked the sheer chunky size of the 68000’s DIP package. Here’s one I keep on my desk for old times’ sake:

Not that I’ve got all that much experience with 68000 processors. Back during my degree (late '80’s) we did an assembly language project on a 68K development board. And, of course, we were using Sun 3/50’s & 3/60’s back then, which were also 68k based.

The processor on my desk came from an old CAMTEC PAD that I rescued from the skip many years ago.


Good rescue work! It is chunky - it’s almost like seeing a Lego Duplo version of a DIP. I think I first saw these at Uni, where there was an in-house construction, a sort of single-user workstation, like a desk-mounted small rack system. (Might have been an APM)

Packaging is a thing all of itself: I gather Intel’s 8008 was crammed into an existing 18 pin package (“a very poor choice, imposed by Intel management’s aversion to high pin-count packages.”) And I remember some discussion of whether a copper slug would be needed in some device, which would increase the cost. Maybe that was mentioned for the ARM… “Cheap meant it had to go in a plastic package, plastic packages have a fairly high thermal resistance, so we had to bring it in under 1W”.


Some great pages linked there, @EdS. Thanks!

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