CASIO Lisp-based pocket computer

I’ve never heard of this one, this is quite a surprise!


Wow. I’ve never seen LISP in effectively a pocket computer.

But remembering back to college when I really used my TRS-80 PC-4, I used it mostly as a calculator and it was effectively a programmable calculator that used BASIC.

LISP would probably make more sense for a programmable calculator language.


Yes Basic pocket computers were quite common, I had a CASIO PB-100. But this one is a real surprise!

What an interesting coincidence! In 1989 my late uncle was having trouble keeping his factory busy so he asked me if I couldn’t design a more consumer-like product for him to make. I made three suggestions, but one was to build a CP/M computer using a CMOS Z80 in a calculator form factor like the one in the video. It would have CP/M and MuLisp and MuMath built into ROM and so would be a very powerful tool for university students with its symbolic math capability.

He rejected the idea because he felt a calculator keyboard would be too delicate for the machines he had.