C-128 Comal Cartridge & CP/M Comal 2.10

Hi there looking for a C-128 Comal 2.02 Cartridge or the demo disk that came with the cartridge. Need the symbol table from the disk. Would like to build a modern version of the cartridge. Also looking for the CP/M Comal ver.2.1 (full program) and manual for the C-128.The plans to build a modern version of the C64 Comal 2.01 cartridge are at github. No improvements to the software. Take care.

Welcome! It might be worth asking over on the Lemon64 forums. I see previous post there unearthed this resource:
C128 UniComal80 Cartridge

Although, now I look more carefully, perhaps this is already your enquiry over there?

In which case, your further enquiry over on forum64 might yet bear fruit!

(I can’t help much, it seems, but perhaps others can. I’ve posted on mastodon, which has had a recent influx of retrocomputists.)

TPUG was the nominal publisher of many of Commodore’s COMAL products. I don’t think they’d have any physical materials left.

The only C128 COMAL manual I’ve seen is a small addendum to the C64 version. Similarly, the only CP/M COMAL 2.1 that appears to be around is a generic version along with a scan of the 1984 TPUG COMAL Reference Guide.

Is this your repo? acarmony1/comal80: COMAL 80 for C64

Hi there, I purchased the TPUG DVD a couple of months ago. Found a ton of C64 Comal files. Found a file that I had been looking for sometime. Back in 2015 a friend in France and I where trying to find the CP?M Comal 2.02 and the manual. We contacted one individual that had the manual, but wouldn’t make a copy because of copyright laws. I figure I would try a search again. The person who wrote the manual might not be living. (founder of Comal User Group and Comal Today) Take care.

I forgot to mention, I was the one who requested a modern C64 cartridge be made, acarmory1 took up the challenged. The new C-64 Comal cartridge works good both with the C64C and Ultimate 64. Take care.

I have posted at Lemon64 and at other websites, figure more people might see the posts. I think the C-128 Comal and the CP/M Comal (full version) will be harder to find. Glad I was able to get my hands on a C64 Comal cartridge and find someone who could make a modern circuit board. (Github). Take care.