Building a BASIC Interpreter, '80s style


Well that’s good fun! And an emulated machine to run the Basic, running in the browser. Running an invented instruction set, fit for the purpose. And with a kernel called KERNEL, which is refreshing!

Homage to 1980 & 1990 Microcomputers

Retroputer is an emulator for a computer system that resembles machines in the 80’s and 90’s. However, the machine as presented did not exist in this form – rather, the emulator seeks only to emulate the look and feel of these machines, not replicate an actual machine from the era. There are plenty of emulators that do so excellently. Instead, Retroputer has these goals:

  • Be simple to learn
  • Encourage programming
  • Work in a web browser
  • Resemble 8 and 16-bit machines
  • Have a completely understandable architecture from low-level “hardware” to high-level software