Broadcasting to everyone on the Internet (1987)

Jordan K. Hubbard experimentally and accidentally used the ‘rwall’ program, which did exactly what it was supposed to (but not what was expected):

By now, many of you have heard of (or seen) the broadcast message I sent to the net two days ago. I have since received 743 messages and have replied to every one (either with a form letter, or more personally when questions were asked). The intention behind this effort was to show that I wasn’t interested in doing what I did maliciously or in hiding out afterwards and avoiding the repercussions. One of the people who received my message was Dennis Perry, the Inspector General of the ARPAnet…

So now everyone is asking: “Who is this Jordan Hubbard, and why is he on my screen??”

I will attempt to explain.

A section of the netgroup man[ual] page said:

  • Any of three fields can be empty, in which case it signifies a wild card. Thus universal (,) defines a group to which everyone belongs.

Now “everyone” here is pretty ambiguous.

via DragonFly BSD Digest