Brand New (to me) PDP-11/34A ... family


I picked up four new PDP-11/34A machines this weekend, and put together a cabinet with one of them. It needs some real cleanup and I haven’t vetted the PSU so the backplane is unpopulated, but it’s on its way!

There’s a lot of other equipment in this haul, but I haven’t had time to triage anything. In particular, I got some Tektronix 4010/4012 graphics terminals that I’m excited to bring online. There’s also a ton of software for the PDP-11s (all for RT-11 as far as I can tell) on RL01 and RL02 disk packs, as well as a handful of 8" floppies.

It was a 12 hour round trip drive to pick this stuff up, plus about three hours of loading the truck on the other end. It was another four or five hours of unloading, sorting, and storing on this end. The equipment completely filled the floor of a 16x8’ box truck, plus some stacking of the smaller and lighter stuff.

I’m very excited to bring this stuff online, and I’ll keep everyone updated as I make progress. It will probably be a month or two before there’s any real movement, unfortunately. I’d be happy to hear any PDP-11 revival tips people have in the meantime!

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What an excellent adventure! Are those Tektronix 4010 storage tube vector displays?
(Edit: oh yes, I see you’ve already said as much!)


Found a few of these in the box of documentation!


My dear companion in the 80ties :wink:


What a haul! Have fun, and please keep us appraised of your progress.

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Manuals used to really keep it real!



Those Tek terminals @EdS asked about:

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A UNIBUS backplane extender:

This one looks like it might have some special routing, but normally it would have two UNIBUS slots (on each side) and two Modified UNIBUS slots (down the center) with four SPD (Standard Peripheral Device) slots below those.

Here’s s closer look at some of the routing and wire wrapping: