Book Club: The Complete Commodore Inner Space Anthology

YouTuber “8-Bit Show And Tell” has published a video on the Commodore 8-bit manual “The Complete Commodore Inner Space Anthology” by Karl Hildon (March 1985), editor of the Transactor magazine. (This is actually the first time, I’ve ever heard of this book.) Lots of comprehensive charts regarding the PET, VIC-20, C64, C+4/C16, and an appendix for the C128 (which was just released at that time).

You can download a PDF copy from the Internet Archive:

and/or have a look at this introduction (by “8-Bit Show And Tell”):


Karl republished this in the early 2000s, but is fine with electronic distribution. I’m not sure if the widely-published TDSB (Toronto District School Board) e-mail address for him still works, or if he still has any copies left. For TPUG’s World of Commodore 2019 one of the raffle prizes was a new signed copy of the CCISA, as some of the organizers know Karl from the Transactor days.

The ibiblio Complete Commodore Inner Space Anthology link lives only as an archive


There is a comment to the YouTube video to the extent that this user contacted Karl for a print copy, but none are available anymore. So, I guess, this may have his consent.
(Also “8-bit Show And Tell” is a personal friend of Karl and provided the link to together with this video.)