Blitz - a new homebrew single board computer (68030)

As posted over on anycpu by NotArtyom:

I’ve finished putting together a repository for one of my long-term projects, Blitz. Blitz is a Motorola 68030 based homebrew that I’ve spent nearly the last 3 years working on.

Of course, it’s a work in progress, but there’s an interesting platform-portable OS for it nearby:

Blitz runs my 32-bit operating system G-DOS. It supports FAT filesystems, and uses a flexible driver & init subsytem that handles hardware interfacing. G-DOS has my custom shell (G-Shell) and monitor (G-Mon) built-in, and boots directly from the onboard Flash ROM. A CGA card can be installed in an ISA slot to provide video output, and is required to use Blitz effectively. Lastly, it includes a bootloader that can load & bootstrap a Linux kernel off a disk.


Very impressive, bravo to him!