BERT (Basic Einplatinen Rechner für TV-Serie) vgs 1987 educational microcontroller board Z8

BERT (Basic Einplatinen Rechner für TV-Serie) is an educational German microcontroller board by vgs (a school book publisher).
Z8 CPU (Z8671). Programmable in BASIC. Standalone use or at home computers like C64.

Has recently been sold on ebay (2 bids 25,50 EUR+shipping, unknown condition and missing the lower RAM, manual, power…)
New, empty PCBs are offered with new USB port.

There was a TV series planned in 1987, but it was canceled. Don’t know why. Host Jean Pütz (I previously posted another video of another show with him).
The book “Einführung in die Mikroprozessor-Anwendung” is available (but rare and expensive) but I found it online.
There were several external boards called DIGIPROB (R). I haven’t found anything about them on the web, but some info and photos in the book.
Not sure how many have been produced or sold.

BERT [Homecomputer DDR]

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