Beginnings of a virtual 6502 mode for Gigatron

Marcel of the Gigatron TTL Computer Project has announced a work-in-progress 6502 emulator, “v6502”, residing in ROM. (This complements the existing virtual machine: one is not expected to program the Gigatron at machine level, although it’s possible.)

Here’s Wozmon running on the virtual 6502:

From this thread on and this thread on

Oh, and there’s an in-browser emulator, of this not-at-all-an-apple-1:

Online emulator here: Remember to type letters in UPPER case!


That’s a neat hack!
Fun stuff.

I decided to add the flashing @-cursor, map delete to rubout and all keys to uppercase. Much more authentic :slight_smile: . Interestingly, I could restore more of the original wozmon bytes along the way.

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