Atariáda annual meetup, 2019


From a recent Atari-centric meetup in Czechia…

Photo gallery:

Since 1996 Atariáda has been an annual meeting of users and fans of historic computers of (but not limited to) the Atari brand, organized by Atari Club. This year there will be a presentation of news, release of the next issue of Flop magazine, miscellaneous small competitions, network and multijoy games, etc. There will also be an Atari game corner not only for children.

Unlike some of the other Atari fans’ meetings, this event does not involve competitions in production. It is mainly a friendly meeting of people who know one another remotely and who usually only communicate with each other using the Internet. It is also opportunity to meet new, similarly “afflicted” people. Some of the participants who are particularly active bring along their own computers or game consoles. However, the number of the tables is limited, so we cannot guarantee a table to visitors who do not have booked their table through the registration form.

Via Andrej’s post on diaspora