Archive of mostly DEC manuals (but Kaypro too!)

I just ran across this collection of mostly DEC manuals from Wilber Williams and the University of Queensland Computer Centre. Look at the Scanned Documents list and you’ll find several Kaypro manuals too!

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Nice find! It seems Wilber assembled quite the museum within the university, but the institution lost interest around 2010:

I found an archived version of the museum site, but it’s much like Wilber’s own site that you linked to.

Here’s the 1962 promo video, showing the first (huge, expensive) GE computer being installed in the new building:

Great video! It shows the whole mainframe installation process quite nicely. And notice the 4 mag-cores on the computer centre’s sign.
I’m amazed at the multiple steps required to get output, but I guess a directly-connected line printer wasn’t part of the system.
I found another copy of the UQ archives at Index of /, but like the copy at, it doesn’t include any of the Kaypro manuals that Wilber has, and Bitsavers doesn’t have those in their Kaypro collection either.
Wilber has a few Osbourne [UK spelling!] and Exidy Systems manuals as well.
All in all, a fantastic collection!

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He should cross check and donate anything missing to If we’ve learned anything about the web and websites, it’s that they vanish.