Applecorn: Acorn's Beeb ROMs running in Apple //e

A work in progress, plugging Acorn’s software - initially BBC Basic - into the facilities of Apple’s //e. As seen on Stardot and on Github.

Here is an idea I have been toying with. I am wondering how feasible it is to get an Acorn BBC Micro language (say BASIC or LISP for example) to run on a different 6502 machine. The system I have in mind specifically is the Apple //e, which is normally equipped with 128KB of RAM arranged in two banks.
… time passes …
New version just checked in. Now I can also run Forth (so BASIC, COMAL, Forth all working now.)
Next challenge is to get Lisp going!

Applecorn is a ProDOS application for the Apple //e Enhanced which provides an environment for Acorn BBC Microcomputer language ROMs to run. This allows BBC BASIC and other Acorn languages to run on the Apple //e.


Amazing! I may have to connect up one of my Apple IIes to try this out.

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Um, me too!

Although that might require me to blow some dust off one in the first place…

Actually, I did look at this some time back when I got BBC Basic going on my own Ruby 6502 system, but felt that the hard part was the filing system, not the actual Acorn MOS shim and BBC Basic itself…


Not quite as neat, but there might be some folks here who haven’t used it: 6502 BBC BASIC for Commodore 64.

It’s slightly barebones, but works quite well. Runs about half the speed of a Beeb, which is entirely unsurprising, considering the relative processor speeds.