Apple Lisa vs. Xerox Star 8010 (video)

Enjoy this demonstration:

and perhaps also this:

via the VCF discord.


Minor, but important nitpicking: The Star interface was developed at Xerox System Development Department (SDD) not at PARC. SDD was located at El Segundo with a branch, SDD North, at Palo Alto. The project lead was David Liddle, the interface/desktop environment was by David Canfield Smith (who had already icons featured in his 1975 Stanford thesis “Pygmalion”), Larry Clark, Eric Harslem, Charles Irby, Ralph Kimball and Jim Reilly. – Forming a consistent working environment from the various bits and pieces developed at PARC was a major feat and Xerox SDD usually gets next to no recognition for this!

From this also follows that Jobs & co had no chance to see the Star interface in the course of their (in)famous PARC tour.

(Also, the Star ran on a combination of Mesa and the Tacho IDE.)

Anyway, nice to see the two machines side by side.