Any podcasts to recommend?

I notice we had a link-mention by Retro Computing Roundtable, and although podcasts aren’t quite my thing, collections of links certainly are! The RCR publish links for each show:
Retro Computing Roundtable

I see we previously had a mention of
ANTIC The Atari 8-bit Podcast

And I see playerFM have a tagged list:
Mac Folklore Radio
FloppyDays Vintage Computing Podcast
The CoCo Crew Podcast

And some are moribund but still have a back catalogue:

Any more?

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There’s “TRS-80 Trash Talk” that covers all Tandy/Radio Shack computers though primarily the “grey” line of Model 1/3/4 and Model 2/12/16/6000.

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I found this relatively new one, Advent of Computing:

(More links at

Personal note: Naturally, I checked the episode on Spacewar first and found it well informed.


These days, I stumbled across On the Metal, a podcast by Bryan Cantrill, Jessie Frazelle and Steve Tuck from the startup Oxide Computers. Some of you might know Bryan Cantrill. He worked on several Solaris innovations while at Sun Microsystems and left shortly after Sun got bought by Oracle.

The podcast is currently at episode 4, I haven’t listened to any of the episodes so far, but am quite confident, it’ll be interesting. The format is long interviews with people (90+ min), who already have a long career in the computing field.