ANNOUNCEMENT: Vision BASIC Game Programming Contest!

Greetings, C64 programmers!

You’re cordially invited to participate in the first ever Vision BASIC game programming contest, which runs from January 8, 2023 to August 31, 2023. To watch a video of the contest announcement by Dennis Osborn (the developer of Vision BASIC), please click here:

No pre-registration for the contest is required. Simply submit your game by the August 31, 2023 deadline. For a complete list of the contest rules, tips, and other information, please visit this website:

Good luck to all contest participants!

What is Vision BASIC?
Vision BASIC provides over 100 new BASIC commands for bitmap graphics, sprites, characters, sound, interrupts, and more. The programming environment includes features such as a memory manager, an improved program editor, simplified disk commands, user-created commands, and complete compatibility with emulators such as VICE and THEC64. All Vision BASIC programs are compiled into extremely fast standalone machine language for execution, and assembly language can be mixed seamlessly with BASIC code to give an even further speed boost.

To watch a 2-hour master class on Vision BASIC programming, please click here: