Analog computers Solartron, EAI

There are many different analog computers. Most are large and looking like breadboard with nice colors.
I recently found this large one from Solartron, displayed at a museum in Gent, Belgium.

Another interesting one is the MiniAC from EAI (Electronic Associates). The plugboard can be removed. Also nice Nixie tube numbers.

There is also a teaching computer (simple board) by LEYBOLD-Heraeus

To me, analog computers must have colors on the board, not like the ones from Telefunken

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I do like the idea of filing the populated plugboards as a library of programs.

Solartron by oil company Schlumberger also made other interesting (digital) computers.
On Swedish magazine Elektronik 1968 September, page 37, I found two ads about a data logger, also in a large cabinet. Called IDAS Industrial Data Acquisition System.
I haven’t found any info on the web. There’s also a smaller desktop unit.
Prices starting at 6000 GBP. Solartron BNEC. Not sure what BNEC is, maybe a Swedish seller.