AMT-2650 Schematic Wanted

Well, I had the one-page schematic for this Signetics 2650 based single board computer that I still have from 1976 or so up until my last move… but now, no.

Mine suffered an overvoltage event in 1979 or 1980, and I’d like to get it working again.

If anyone knows of where I can find the schematic for this one, please let me know. Yes, I can probably do what I need to without it, but… you know.

I have some 2650-related ephemera such as 2650 processor enthusiast newsletters (you know, hand typed and copied!), Signetics product manuals, and the like, can scan some of it if anyone has an interest.

-Brian Moran

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Welcome Brian! Looks like a nice trainer type of machine, with a front panel, according to this short bit in BYTE.


Afraid I can’t help with the schematic, but if you draw a blank here I can think of two places you might post a query for this:

There might be others, of course!