Amiga 500 internal HDMI output adaptor

Testing out my newest purchase. An Amiga500 HDMI adaptor. I have a couple of videoes up on my Youtube channel about it, if anyone are interrested in it.

Project page at Github are:
Amiga-Digital HDMI Adaptor at Github.

There are an Super Denise version (ECS ), however the maker of the adaptor have too few to sell. So the only version one can buy, is the OCS version.
Yet if one only want to relive ones childhood machine, and only play the games one did, back in the Amiga500 days. Then all one need, is an Amiga500 OCS, with 512k trapdoor expansion and perhaps just use an internal Gotek drive to make life easy. If that is the case, then this adaptor is a really cheap solution. However I must say this. It performs like crap on 720p televisions. One really need to find a tv, that does at least 1080p.

What are my experience with this? Well. It performs and give a way better result than cheap china-converters. It is future proofing the Amiga500 OCS, as you need as modern TV or monitor as possible. It is not perfect at all, yet for the average person that does not go into extreme details, it is the best option for money spend. It does not do super high res modes, yet if all one need is playing games, then one does not need Workbench at all.

I paid some 59 Euro for all parts (excluding SD card, as I had a 4gb in the drawer). The price I paid are shipping included. And as the software on the SD card matures over time, there will most likely be added stuff like scanline generator and more filthers. The software menu can be entered and operated by a single momentary push button. Long press to enter or select highlighted menu item. Short press to scroll down in the menu.

Hope this is of some interrest to at least a few here…


Can you post a link to those videos please?

Sure. I will just link to my youtube channel…

My channel

I apologise for my bad spoken English in advance.