AMD GeodeNX, is the thermal rumours true?

I have recently been following the trends at using GeodeNX CPU’s for retro/vintage Windows98 gaming setup. So I ordered a GeodeNX 1500+ CPU, as one of my boards supports it fully. And after a simple, quick’n dirty test setup. I found that the rumours regarding heat is true.

After a cold boot, and entering the BIOS. I had the machine throttleling for about 20 minutes. It started at 27 degree celcius and after some 20 minutes, it had only risen to 28 degree celcius.
After a full 3D-Mark99 benchmark and one full Demo mode, it was running at some 35/37 degree celcius. So yeah… The rumours are so true. Uhhh… And another thing is that the CPU is low power consuming on the 5 volt line. This means that it will be easier to find a modern power supply. This was all tested with the cooler cranked down to lowest RPM. It is one of them that have this dongle that you can control the RPM with.

Anyway… Test setup was as following.

  • Asrock K7S41 (not the inferiour GX model).
  • AMD GeodeNX 1500+
  • NorthQ all copper cooler.
  • 512mb Ram.
  • Some non interresting Radeon9600se card.
  • The average 40gb HDD, DVD-Rom and Floppy.

To cap things up. I can not really tell if the setup was a really fast P3 system, or a slower Athlon system. And taking in the prices at P3 stuff, and the fact that this setup are 100% Win98 compatible. Then this will be a nice substitude to a Win98se gaming setup.

What do people say?

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