All-up S100 systems and the 32000

Continuing the discussion from Geneve 9640 - the "other" TMS9900 based micro:

Nice links! There’s a comprehensive site all about the ns32k which includes a page on CompuPro’s offering:

It does at least seem that S100 can offer 16 bit wide memory.

The ns32k was a very CISCy CISC, which took very many iterations to get right, a lesson which Acorn took on when designing the ARM.

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There were, and are, quite a few 16 bit systems on S-100. It is still alive (and well!) today, with new boards being designed, including PDP-11s, 486s, and more. Take a look here.

Edit: It’s just hard to find the connectors :frowning:

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The original Altair had 8 data in pins and 8 data out pins. For the S100 / IEEE-696 standard they allowed the processor and peripheral board to agree to use these 16 pins as a bidirectional 16 bit data bus instead. In addition, some spare pins were redefined to extend the address bus to 24 bits.

See a comparison of the pinouts for various S100 machines.

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