All the BYTE issues, scanned

I think I’d previously noticed that not all BYTE issues can be found online… well now they can!

Byte nicely captures the history of the entire personal computer industry from the early days (Sept 1975) through July 1998 (just two issues shy of 23 years).

Now I just have to try to remember which issue it was I was trying and failing to find…


… I remember now, it was a late-1996 issue (but possibly a UK edition!) to match this puzzle:

Acorn RISC Technologies

At the centre of the new developments is ART, whose introduction of the superfast new StrongARM card has provided the computing power to drive many of the new applications. ART will be demonstrating the new processor in Rise PCs on the stand and will be presenting StrongARM upgrades as competition prizes every half hour throughout the show.

A complete SA-equipped Risc PC will be presented to the winner of a ‘Lucky Key’ competition run in conjunction with Byte magazine, and show sponsor Acorn User will have StrongARM upgrades among the many lucky dip prizes. For those not lucky enough to win one, StrongARM will be on sale to the public for the very first time from the Centres of Technology exhibiting at the show.

(from “Acorn User 1996 Magazine”)

Anyhow, found this article instead:

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The 15(!!) page article on Serial Interfacing in that first issue by Don Lancaster is legion.


Are there some issues missing from the Internet Archive Byte Magazine Collection? (I do know that the rescans there are not complete, so it could be that someone’s got better quality scans of the early missing issues.) I’ve been using that one for years.

Welcome! Yes, there are missing issues, and some missing pages in the scans they have too. So, the Internet Archive is a great resource, but not yet a complete record.

For example there are many missing pages in IA’s Volume 21 issue 12 Chips that Changed the World including the first page of the article on RISC OS. IA have only 212 pages whereas this new archive has 230.

The earliest two missing issues, if I’ve searched correctly, are
1984-09 Byte Magazine Vol 09-10 Computer Graphics
1985-12 Byte Magazine Vol 10-12 Graphics Hardware

EdS, thanks for that information! I hadn’t realized that was missing stuff.

It turns out that site also has a nice little collection of Apple II books, which pleases me.

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