Alex van Someren - Acorn World Talk

A new video from The Centre for Computing History featuring a talk by Alex van Someren and his work at Acorn.

Here’s the description of the video:

Alex van Someren talks about his work at Acorn, which began while he was still a schoolboy! He also talk about starting up his own company which developed add-ons and upgrades for Archimedes and RISC PC machines. Back in the day, Alex helped deliver the BBC Microcomputer and Electron at Acorn, and co-wrote the first book on the ARM RISC architecture, also available pirated in Japanese!
Filmed at Acorn World at The Centre for Computing History 2019.

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The previous talk, by Jonathan Griffiths, is also up:

I would very much like to have been able to go to this event!

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I have Alex’s ARM book. It is really nice with a great historical introduction, though essentially an assembly reference manual.