Alan Cox: Anyone like a pair of Alphaserver DS20 systems?

Message by Alan Cox on Twitter:

Anyone like a pair of Alphaserver DS20 systems (one DEC one Compaq). They were supposedly in working order when rescued (minus the disks being removed) but they’ve been sat in my basement as they are just too heavy to play with. Free but you collect from Swansea

(Alan Cox was one of the original people who helped to develop Linux and now works on Fuzix OS.)

You’ll see Alan here and in other retrocomputing contexts as @EtchedPixels … here’s the History of Computing Collection at Swansea University:

Edit: here’s what one configuration of a DS20 might look like:

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hmm, where is Swansea? I really would like to get these…I have relatives in Leeds, but then how to get them here…grumble grumble.

free beer?
Can you get the software for them?

Original claimaint seems to have failed to find transport so far.

Swansea is South Wales.

A little bit out of my way… :slight_smile: