Agat-7. Introduction

First in a series of posts on this microcomputer.

After the trial project of the “UT-88′ computer, lets start with a much more serious project. We will design and build another Soviet computer – AGAT-7. In this case the DE1 board will be used only for prototyping – the computer will be built on its own board. So, lets see what this computer was.


Very interesting - and with this historical note:

But interestingly, there was an early version of the computer that had a CPU module made only on descrete components, which were simulated 6502 CPU! This “CPU” was 30% slower than 6502 but had some additional instructions. It was done because of a shortage in 6502 compatable processors in USSR at that time.


Fascinating. It would be interesting to learn, what instructions had been added.