Acorn's old hands tell their stories

At a recent ABUG virtual meetup, a number of ex-Acorn and ex-Acornsoft people had a chance to tell their stories and answer questions. For example, Jon Thackray’s talk was “Everything you always wanted to know about the BBC Micro O.S. but never dared to ask!” wherein we learnt some details of Acorn’s in-house 256k RAM 6502 second processor.

And Brian Cockburn gave us “How did an Australian come to be working at Acorn and WHY was he left in charge of Econet?

More videos at the links.

Not too distant in time and space, at a recent ROUGOL meetup, Stuart Swales told his story… “From Fortran to Fireworkz, a programmer’s voyage

At an earlier ABUG, Paul Fellows told his story “Writing Sphinx Adventure, Acornsoft Languages, Project Arthur”.

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