A single board computer using Z180

Stephen Cousins has designed the 512Mbyte 18MHz SC126 in response to a challenge to make a high performance board compatible with the RC2014 schema. (The Z180 is rated up to 33MHz but I suppose there are system constraints on speed.)

RomWBW is the primary OS for SC126, offering CP/M, SD card, real time clock, and CF card support


This is a pretty cool machine.

It’s very close to a modern SB-180, something that, at the time, was positioned to take on the rise of the PC. To show that the 8-bit world could still put up a fight.

But the design is nice, it’s complete and useable out of the box, and it’s CHEAP. At least the kit is, but looks easy enough to put together.

I should know better than to buy one of these. What I SHOULD be doing is trying to resurrect by SB-180 (I have one in storage). But this is strangely compelling.

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I see the SC130 has appeared, looking like a slightly simpler build and perhaps a cheaper one:

It can run Fuzix, which has got the interest of Oscar Vermeulen (of PiDP-8 and PiDP-11 fame):


In a nutshell: 18MHz Z180 CPU with on-board MMU, 512K RAM, 512K ROM, an SD card for storage and serial ports for your terminal … Absolute top-of-the-line CP/M specifications that you would have paid a fortune for back in the day, but now shrunk down to $49 and the size of four credit cards.
But here’s where it starts to get sexy: multi-user, multi-tasking with Fuzix. Also, built in to the ROM are CP/M, the Z-System, Basic and Forth. A very fast RAM disk and a ROM disk with all essentials come as standard.

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Fuzix on the SC130 is truly amazing. The machine is fast enough to have two terminals open at the same time, and the software playground in the distribution disk image is fantastic. I’d never have imagined a Z80 could do all this. Recommended!


Welcome to the forum, Oscar, and thank you for your excellent work for the community. I have a PiDP-11/70 in my basement by the PDP-11/34 right now. :slight_smile: