A new mTCP is available! (version 2020-01-01)

The short story: a new version of mTCP is available at http://www.brutman.com/mTCP/

The longer story …

mTCP is my project that puts classic IBM PCs and compatibles online using TCP/IP. Everything from the original IBM PC from 1981 to modern virtual machine environments is supported. Programs include an IRC client, an FTP client and FTP server, a Telnet client, a DHCP client, an SNTP client, Ping, an HTTP Server, Netcat, HTGet, and PktTool.

While the pace of releases has slowed in the past few years, rest assured that I am still actively fixing bugs and making improvements. This release improves flow control for TCP connections that are experiencing dropped packets, fixes ANSI emulation bugs in Telnet, sees a mostly rewritten (and improved!) HTGet, and adds a new feature to FTP to help people avoid corrupting data by using the wrong file transfer mode. The full list of changes can be found on the web page.


Two versions of the programs are available for download. The standard version contains the standard EXE files. The UPX version contains EXE files that have been compressed with the UPX utility to save room on disk. When you run these versions they take a little longer to start, but if you are tight on disk space or are using floppy disks this is a good trade-off.

Documentation is available separately as a PDF file. I don’t include the PDF file with the binary versions because small DOS machines often can read PDF files.

Source code and developer documentation is available in a separate zip archive.


As always, if you have a bug report, are having trouble making things work, or just have a suggestion please email me at [email protected]. While I might see bug reports or help requests in other places, email is the best, most direct way to get my attention.