A journey: calculators, Imsai, Amiga and more

One person’s web page telling their story, with pictures:

Mentions the HP-25, the HP-41, Imsai 8080, TI 99/4A, C64, Amiga 1000 and then enters the land of the x86.

Includes Osborne’s 1977 book An Introduction to Microcomputers which you can read online at the Internet Archive:

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I’m actually currently rereading An Introduction to Microcomputers – and wondering what could be done with chip slicing technology for a hobbyist project (as opposed to modern FPGA), but this is covered more extensively in vol. 2.

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I really miss the section that we had on G+ dedicated to retro computing literature, do we have something similar here?.
The section was great to know a lot of books and share opinions (and downloads) of them.

Ah, the Computer History Book Club ?


I’d be more than happy to see book-related posts here. If there seem to be enough to justify it, we could then create a category to pop them into. Or, right now, we could create and use a tag ‘books’ for posts about books - that might be worth doing. Edit: oh, we already have one!

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yeah! exactly! I will take it into account :smiley:
I have received just a moment ago a Spanish copy of Osborne CP/M user guide http://archive.org/details/osborne-cpm-users-guide_2nd-ed

I will try to check it and comment about their contents in the week :slight_smile:

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