A couple of CP/M videos - porting, and file transfer

This Poking Technologies channel looks and sounds familiar… it’s changed its name. But still good:

Here’s the top level menu for this late-1990s-era Z180 based word processor, before it was transmogrified into a CP/M machine:

The path taken here, after a quick tour of the intended functions, is to do a bit of reverse engineering and modifying of a small standalone game that’s on disk (a Reversi/Othello game), mutating it into a simple monitor program, then using a logic probe with the monitor to find the I/O space for the floppy controller, and then write a ROM dumper… next step reverse engineering the ROM to figure out the hardware. Except, the ROM won’t dump to disk… so it’s exfiltrated by signalling on a high address line and capturing serially.

And recommended in the same breath (on a mailing list) we have (from TX Dj) a demonstration with PIP on an Eagle II CP/M machine:

Here’s another project digging into the Super PowerNote.