A 2013 visit to the Science Museum - computer history highlights

Here are some captioned photos previously posted to G+:

Contains: Apple I; Apple II; Think-a-Tron; Cray 1; PDP-8; Fairlight; Pegasus; Kilburn-Williams tube; History of Computers poster - from 1937 to 1967; some adverts for LEO, IBM 305, DEUCE; LEO delay line; Curta; the Phillips Economics Computer - coloured water, pipes and tanks; Kelvin’s Harmonic Analyser; the 1958 Mechanical Analog Computer; a GRiD; a ZX80; a slide rule.

(This is not the same Harmonic Analyser recently seen in Glasgow, but by the same Lord Kelvin, and perhaps a later model.)


There’s a streetview presentation of the Science Museum as of 2015 - from this vantage point you can see a CDC 6600, a Next cube, a Lisa and an Alto and an Altair. Behind you is a chunk of IBM 360 and a teletype. Have a wander around!

From here you can see Babbage’s brain, the difference engine, and a Pegasus. From here a Curta, an HP-65, slide rules, and mechanical calculators. And here are some favourite 70s and 80s micros.

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