8bit Guy - Commodore Disk Drives


I see that gets nicely technical! There’s a good technical description here too:

One piece of trivia I like a lot is that the earliest PET drives had not one but two 6502s on board. Later on the two were condensed, using I think interrupt handler for one of the jobs, interrupting the other.


Talk about bringing back memories … I had a 1541 with my first C64 system. When I got back from teaching Math in the Eastern Caribbean in the Peace Corps in the mid-80’s, I got a C128D. My readjustment money went far enough to get a 1571 and a 1581.

But I only had my C128D a short time before I plugged the power tap for my printer port into the datassette port upside down and fried the processor. So I was back to my C64, a 1571 and a 1581 as my main set-up … along with a daisywheel printer. That plus a very compact color TV was what I took to grad school. Thanks to Big Blue Reader I could write to 5.25" DOS floppy disks in the computer lab and take work home, but the 1581 was my main working drive for the papers I wrote at home on the Busy Bee “The Write Stuff” word processor.


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