6809 single board computer, Basic links

Here’s a nice page with lots of hardware and software resources for 6809 enthusiasts…

6809 Single Board Computer

… including

I settled on using MICROSOFT® Extended BASIC for the TANDY® Color Computer 2. The version I obtained seems to have been modified by Grant Searle for his “6-chip 6809 computer “, which I pulled from Jeff Trantor’s GITHUB repository and modified it for use on my own 6809SBC.

Which relates to the nearby discussion from Translation of 8080 Code to 8086:

Thank you Ed. I have lots of great 6809 links and this one is a good one indeed.

I had a conversation with a Microsoft employee who’s name I forgot. But he was the person who was instrumental to have gwbasic and other software source code released.

I asked him about 6809 source code since the 6502 and 8080 source code was released. He mentioned that it’s in a ‘vault’ and there is a manager that won’t release it (among other vintage software). If she can be convinced that releasing a forty plus year old source code to an eight bit computer won’t impact Microsoft’s stock price, then maybe we can finally get it.

The way you described the building of Fortran is how I heard that the BASICA was made. Microsoft could pop out different BASICs for different platforms.

But I heard that the 6809 version was based on the 8080 version and not really optimized to take advantage of this great CPU. Something like that

Thanks for making this channel. I’d also recommend the active 6809 Facebook group as a good community source:

Ah, that wasn’t me! I think it was @crandylb

Ah, so difficult to prove a negative! We have to live in hope.

An interesting thought - as you say, the 6809 should be impressive, for the timeframe (and the clock speed.)