6502 Niceties (imapenguin.com)

An Apple WWDC-style poster for the 6502 (by Gregorio Naçu, author of the C64 OS), an interesting C64 HUD-design, and a serious investigation into 6502 transfer speeds – what could be more joyful?

via 8bitnews.io

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10 to 12 mhz is about as fast as general purpose bus will go. After that we have MARKETING bus speeds, that never match the real world.I suspect if one scaled
up the 6502 to a modern processes, and matching internal memory speeds,
the 6502 give modern RISC machines a good run for their money.

There had been a design for an actual RISC 6502 by Apple, once, “potentially outperforming the 68000”. The greates hurdle for the 6502 is probably the variable instruction length, which implies multiple fetch cycles – and I think, in order to be “true RISC”, this design would have addressed this as well.

Comapre this previous topic, Apple RISC 6502?

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