50 garanteed useless programs for PC, 1992

I remember having this 1992 or 1993 German blue book with disk by Ralph Möllers, publisher Systhema (I think 1x 5.25" disk). Original title: 50 garantiert nutzlose PC-Programme.
I can’t find it anymore.

Some software was really useless, like a very slow screen saver (not being black but filling the screen very slowly). Others are funny. Mainly Win3 but I think some DOS shareware.
I found this software

From my memories:
pranks like virus message or deletion of hard disk, although pressing the right key
toilet as recycle bin with sound (or was it on another disk?)
washing machine for disks

From back cover:

Fireplace (I think not as good as Fireworks)
Windows Icons fleeing from mouse cursor
Kohl. com (30 phrases, former German chancellor Helmut Kohl, each time after boot)
Flip (flipping monitor contents)
TV test pattern (channel ARD)

From a review (magazine Spiegel)
Noise (listening to cosmic noise)

Anyone remember more? Was this available in other countries?
I like the fireworks.

A similar book was DOS 9.2 (same author). This is even on the Internet Archive. (I haven’t tested it yet)

I have tested this disk. 15 programs, including 2 for Win3. Some few sounds (Star Trek PC speaker)
Most programs are from rabbitsoft (Haselier & Fahnenstich) located in Aachen. 2 guys who also wrote several books.
Most are text gags in German. Very few graphical programs. One is from Toggle Booleans, a Canadian company who also did some games.
I found many programs on archive. org

I also found the fireplace from the 50 useless programs

I also remembered Mausometer, counting the distance of the mouse movements.

I now also found Fireworks (different folder).

Not useless to me. Especially not for the early 90s. And there are several settings.
Exe is 26KB, zipped 13kB.

Would be interesting for homecomputers. Although most have a lower resolution.

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