20 year old DFI LAN Party Motherboard - question

Hey Retro Computing,

Looking for help on a retro DFI LAN Party Motherboard version.

What is the difference between the DFI LAN Party PRO 875B Motherboard and the REV A version?

In this listing its listed as a “875B” on the box shown here
although the exact model number shown on the Motherboard itself is a “REV A” version (picture 4).

As I currently understand the REV A is the premium model, but just confused by this. This is almost a 20 year old motherboard so I can’t find any info online about it.

Thank you.

Pro875b is the newer revised addition that I bought 20 years ago lol collecting dust in my moms garage. If you sesrch the board online you’ll find info on it. The b version gives more options on 478 socket p4 chips namely the prescott where as the Northwood would be the choice chipset for the a version. B is slightly better