20 bit mini - GE-225 - spotted in Canberra VCF!

The GE-225, designed in '59 and released in '61, was the development platform at Dartmouth for BASIC.

Read an interview with the inventor, Arnold Speilberg (father of the film director).

AS: I studied electrical engineering at the University of Cincinnati, and I got my degree in 1949. The first job I had was with RCA. I was designing electronic circuits for missile systems. When they started working on computers, I joined that group. After that, I moved to GE.

I joined GE’s computer department in Schenectady, New York, in 1955. My first job was designing circuits for the first computer process controls. The department was just starting. I stayed at the YMCA and visited my family, which was still back in New Jersey, on the weekends.

Link within to a short video:

Arnold Spielberg, computing pioneer, and father of the famous filmmaker reflects on his 101 years of life and his groundbreaking work at GE

Photo albums from the VCF at Canberra (I think perhaps what we see is an original console of the GE-225, hooked up to an emulator):

via Discord. Nice to see a BBC Micro there, as well as much else of interest.

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Wow, it looks like it was a really nice event. The light coming in through the windows in the early morning might have been a problem, but that seemed like it went away by the time people were visiting.

This reminded my of a trailer for an upcoming documentary on the history of computing in Australia.

trailer for documentary

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Just FWIW, I posted all my photos from the event over on the fediverse (aka Mastodon) at Cefiar: "Pics from the Canberra Vintage Computer Exhibitio…" - Chinwag Social

Here’s the pic of the console in question. There’s 2 picture frames with details below the console that show the pic you posted above, plus info about Basic and Arnold Spielberg.

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I hope next year, they have a PI running it.