1993 linking schools by videoconference (CU-SeeMe)

Here’s a short TV news segment:

From the GlobalSchoolNet site’s history page (1984 onward)

  1. The original Global Schoolhouse Project involved schools in California, Virginia, Tennessee, and London. Learning clusters were formed consisting of four to six schools who worked as collaborative teams…

It seems that CU-SeeMe (from Cornell) came out of this experiment:

Beginning as a collaboration with the Global Schoolhouse in 1993, the goal of this project was to provide very low cost face-to-face audio and video connectivity to the largest possible number of users and enable a social experiment of global proportions. Running on popular desktop platforms with full cross-platform connectivity and no proprietary hardware, CU- desktop videoconferencing technology established a new price-point in cost and a new paradigm of availability, quickly becoming the world’s most popular videoconferencing platform